Certificate Course in Business Continuity and Corporate Security (CCBCCS)

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Duration: 60 Days

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Business Continuity Management is a process that helps Organisations to prepare and manage the risks for the smooth running and delivery of the services, It ensures that an enterprise that it can continue to operate in the event of a major disruption. When one sees see no business impact to any internal or external outages or disruptions, you can be rest assured that your Business Continuity Team is working !!

When one follow certain good practices, and are positively and directly contributing to ensure that the Organisation is always in "Business As Usual' mode. After all, who likes Crisis or Disasters ?

This Course takes you through a journey of introducing the concept of Business Continuity and what the Risk Manager, need to know to ensure that your critical business operations are not impacted due to any crisis or disaster situation.

It covers

  1. Risk Assessment in business continuity
  2. Institutionalising Business Continuity Management
  3. Impact analysis
  4. Developing and implementing Business Continuity Plans.
  5. Crisis Management plan