Certificate Course in Information Security Risk (CCISR)

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Duration: 30 Days

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Why is Information security important all of a sudden? Not that long ago, it was primarily something for only the techies to worry about. Corporate leaders widely view it as the responsibility of their IT department. Many thought – perhaps naively, it now seems – that so long as the right firewalls, antivirus packages and encryption tools were in place, they could leave IT security to the experts and focus on the other myriad elements of running a business.

Fundamentally, we’re living in a far more technologically-advanced world than we were as recently as a decade ago.

How about the fact that 54% of firms had their network or data compromised last year? If you’re one of the few people yet to experience such an attack, the fact that it happens to more than half of companies in a year suggests it could well be your turn soon. Information security is something everyone needs to take notice of, and a huge number of incidents are caused by people ignoring mainstream advice.

The following topics are covered in this module.

  1. Information Risk Management Framework
  2. Regulatory Guidelines
  3. Information Security Policy
  4. Threats, Vulnerabilities and Incident Management
  5. Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience
  6. Security Education, Training and Awareness