Certificate Course in Risk Management (CCRM)

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Certificate Course in Risk Management

Risk management is formally defined as the process by which an organization assesses and addresses its Risks. In any financial Institution the responsibility to manage Risks is most critical.. The rapid changes in the Competitive Landscape of banks, and Stringent Regulatory Regime and Volatile Business Cycles have necessitated an increased focus on Risk Management.

It is vital that organizations invest in capacity building and in improving the Risk Culture. The field of Risk management is continuously evolving, as Financial Institutions face new Risks.

This Certificate course in Risk Management is uniquely designed to provide knowledge and empower a contemporary professional, to manage Risks. It is aimed at bridging the gap between Planning and Implementation

With our broad range of engaging learning solutions in Risk Management, we aim to improve Learners Contribution and bring a Quantum Leap in an organization’s Risk Management capabilities.

The course comprises of 10 modules

1. The introduction to Risk Management takes the learner through the concepts and dimensions of Risk Management.

2. The Role of the Risk Officer throws up various facets of his activities and their relevance to the organization.

3. Credit Risk module encompasses the basics of credit risk, techniques of Credit Risk Management and a microscopic view of key regulatory aspects.

4. Market Risk covers various sources of market risks, measurement of these risks, management and mitigation of the same.

5. Liquidity Risk Management emphasizes the importance of Liquidity, for a financial institution and how it identifies, assesses and mitigates Liquidity risk.

6. The Enterprise & operations Risk module lays in front of the learner various Risks which arise from ineffective process controls.

7. Information Security Risk deals with the basics of Risks associated with Digitization and its inherent challenges

8.In addition to this course takes the learner through a journey of learning and assessing the performance of a vendor, Vendor Risk

9. The Risk management practices related to Business Continuity is also dealt in detail.

10. The course also contains an important module on Corporate Risk