Corporate Credit Assessment

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Duration: 60 Days

Fees: Rs.6000

10 Hours of Video Lectures

9 Presentations & Reading Materials

50+ Multiple Choice Question Answers

Certificate Course

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This intensive ten-hour course is designed to provide lending and credit risk management professionals with a thorough understanding of the essential principles of commercial credit analysis. It helps strengthen analytical skills that are necessary to function as a successful as a credit assessment professional. It gives an understanding of the fundamental non-financial characteristics of a business which should be a part of the lending process. It teaches the learners what to look for while assessing the financial health of an gives a keen insight on how to analyze Financial statements and critical ratio analysis of the borrower to ascertain the repayment capabilities.

The modules covered here are

a) Management Assessment

b) Industry Assessment

c) Understanding Financial Statements, Operating Statements, CMA Data

d) Ratio Analysis

e) Term Finance

f) Working of DSCR, NPV, IRR

g) Breakeven Analysis

h) Financial Assistance to SMEs, Corporates and Infrastructure Projects

i) Cash Flow and Debt Sustainability

j) Sensitivity Analysis