Credit Monitoring and Administration

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The Financial sector is witnessing a dramatic change in the risk landscape, mounting bad loans leading to the overburdening of balance sheets with NPAs by organizations. Credit Monitoring plays a pivotal function in an astute credit management function. There is a dire need to look at the credit monitoring from reactive to proactive stage.

The course provides a keen insight into the pre-monitoring compliances and the procedures that are regulated with indigenous suggestions on ways to analyse the borrower. It gives also a step by step procedure to be followed in the loan agreements and the charge creation.

The post disbursement activities that need to be taken up are detailed during a transaction with a borrower. The banker receives early warning signals which need to be understood and proper action thereof are to be taken.

The modules covered in this course are:

a. Pre-Disbursement Compliances

b. Loan Agreement and Security Charge Creation

c. Documentation, Stamp Duty, and Limitation

d. Post-Disbursement Compliances

e. Early Warning Signals