Life Insurance Agents Training Course

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Duration: 120 Days

Fees: US$110

23 Hours of Video Lectures

18 Presentations & Reading Materials

180+ Multiple Choice Question Answers

Certificate Course

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The Life Insurance Agent’s Training Course for life insurance agents is designed to equip a starter with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to perform successfully in Life Insurance Selling. The course offers a comprehensive learning of the principles and practices of life insurance, its products, documents and regulatory framework. It also gives insights into the process of selling and the agent's role.

Developed and delivered by industry experts with several years of experience, it has all the ingredients needed to succeed in the licensing exam and to make a flying start in an agency career.

Benefits of the course to the prospective agents

1. Will ensure that the prospective Insurance seller will understand the buyer.

2. Trainees will get a keen insight into the Financial planning aspects of customers’ needs.

3. The course will give a bird’s eye view of the legality in the insurance selling.

4. The trainee will be able to understand the details of the various insurance products, IRDA guidelines and principles.

5. Agent will be able to understand the various documentation required in insurance selling.

6. The modules will help him stay motivated in extremely competitive situations and close deals.