Working Capital & Export Import Finance

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Working Capital is generally referred to as the capital required to support day to day operations of a company. Sometimes firms are forced to restrict their operations due to their inability to meet short-term financial obligations. Therefore, it is critical that a firm manages its working capital well.

Organisations may have invested heavily in fixed assets but may still struggle to meet the operating expenses on a day to day basis in absence of sufficient working capital funds. Firms seek working capital loans to manage working capital gaps which might exists in their day to day operations.

The course goes in-depth into the essentials of working capital assessment covering the importance of working capital, nature of Current Assets & Current liabilities and relevant ratios to assess the working capital requirement of firms.

The modules covered in this course are:

a) Fund based credit Exposures - Assessing Working Capital Cycle, Net Working Capital, Drawing Power.

b) Non-Fund based Credit exposures - Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees.

c) Export Import Finance