Advanced Trade Finance and SWIFT

Course Outline

Introduction to and Overview of FEMA


Broad FEMA Notifications

Definitions under FEMA

Current Account & Capital Account     Transaction

Obligation of the Purchaser of Foreign Exchange

Import Transactions – FEMA Regulations

Types of Trade Settlements

Import Licence

Time Limit for Settlement of Import Transactions

Import of Foreign Exchange/INR

Advance Remittances

Replacement Imports

Receipt of Import Bills

IDPMS/Evidence of Imports

Export Transactions – FEMA Regulations

Realisation & Repatriation of Export Proceeds

Manner of Receipt & Payment

Foreign Currency Account / EEFC Account

Receipt of Export Advance Payment

Submission of Export Documents

Dispatch of Export Documents

Export Overdue Bills

Reduction in Invoice Value, Extension of Time & Write – Off

Remittance connected with Exports

External Commercial Borrowings & Foreign Direct Investment

Broad Overview & FEMA Direction including Operational Procedures

SWIFT & Message Types

Categories of SWIFT Messages & Messages during the Transaction Lifecycle