Corporate Credit Risk Assessment

To enable learners to understand methods of credit risk assessment and how credit risk should be be managed.


Session I: Overview of Credit Risk Management

  • Importance of Credit Risk Management
  • Why Companies Default?
  • Credit Risk Assessment Framework
  • Industry/Economic Risk
  • Business Risk, Management Risk
  • Financial Risk, Project Risk

Session II: Financial Statement Analysis

  • Analyzing Capital structure
  • Income Statement assessment
  • Analyzing Financial ratios
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Assessing Debt Servicing Capacity

Session III: Dealing with Intricacies

  • Adjustments in Financial statements
  • Off-balance sheet issues
  • FX Risk/Interest rate risk
  • Contingent Liabilities
  • Stand-alone vis-à-vis Consolidated assessment

Session IV: Arriving at the Decision

  • Risk Mitigation Measures
  • Security Structure
  • DSRA & Escrow Mechanism
  • External Credit Enhancement
  • Corporate Guarantee
  • Letter of Comfort
  • Legal Evaluation
  • Sample Case Study

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