Corporate valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions

                                                    Corporate valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions


Purpose and objectives

The programme is aimed at appreciating conceptual framework and the practice in Indian M&A market. It opens various perspectives on valuation and restructuring processes adopted in India market.


Target Audience

1.      Programme is apt for the executives at the middle level in their organisation having experience of more than 3 years. However, it will also be useful to young executives having relatively less experience but active in domain of investment banking.

2.      Executives in corporate finance divisions of product and services company will benefit from discussion on valuation tools and techniques and process of M&A

3.      The programme will offer good opportunity to banking and institutional investors, including private equity investors too who are directly or indirectly engaged in valuation exercise, and M&A process.


Course Structure


Day one

1.      M&A: Building blocks

a.      Broad perspectives on M&A

b.      Understanding basic terms M&A

2.      Linking M&A and Valuation

a.      Process of M&A

b.      Valuation Basics

3.      Workshop on valuation & negotiation

a.      Science of valuation and M&A

b.      Valuation of unlisted/private company

4.      Special cases of valuation

a.      Cross border

b.      Intangibles

5.      Panel discussion: Practice in M&A and Valuation


Day two

1.      Regulatory framework – Part I

a.      Process under NCLT

b.      Inbound and outbound M&A

2.      Regulatory framework – Part II

a.      SEBI Takeover Code

b.      Tax issues

3.      Advances in deal structuring and valuation

a.      Introduction of real option

b.      Contingent contract framework

4.      Issues in managing post deal integration


5.      Panel discussion: Practice in M&A and Valuation




1.      Programme will be discussion driven. Participation, and experience sharing will be integral part of the pedagogy.

2.      It will run a brief workshop on valuation.

3.      It will have a panel discussion at the end of each day.

4.      Depending upon the profile of the participants, the programme pedagogy may include quiz, role play, debate, etc.