Credit Risk Assessment and Pricing

Program on - Credit Risk Assessment & Credit Risk Pricing


·        To understand credit risk drivers, rating models

·        To understand credit risk framework and rating driven decisions

·        To highlight importance of credit risk assessment and pricing

·        Credit appraisal and effective measurement tools


-        Discussion on the Concept of ‘Credit Risk Assessment’

-        Discussion on the purpose of performing a Credit Risk Assessment

-        Five Components of Credit Risk Assessment

o   Internal Loan Policy

o   Financial Risk

o   Management Risk

o   Industry & Business Risk

o   Facility or Loan Structuring Risk

-        Tests which a Prospect to pass through:

o   Liquidity Test

o   Solvency Test

-        Credit Risk Pricing and compensation


·      Corporate and Retail Credit Business Group Managers & Staff

·      Credit Analysts & Risk Management Managers & Staff

·      Internal Audit Managers & Staff