Financial Statement Analysis

Programme: Financial Statement Analysis


• Go beyond the description of financial performance to calculate and interpret key information

• See the “Big Picture” of organization and get to know of how Value Chain works

• Help identification and analysis of Industry Specific KPIs and Drivers for better analysis

• Make better Business Decisions and Analysis


Art of Reading/Analyzing Financial and Operating Performance

:- Key Financial Ratios and Analysis (Profitability, Liquidity, Leverage, Efficiency, Valuation etc)

:- Sector/Industry Specific Key Performance Indicators (including Financial institutions focus)

:- Time Series and Cross Sectional Analysis

:- Common Sizing (Vertical and Horizontal)

:- Operating Leverage and Financial Leverage

:- Systematic Risk, Unsystematic Risk, Business Risk and Financial Risk

:- The Life Cycle of Income and Cash Flows (Start-Ups vs. Growth Firms vs. Cash Cows vs. Declining Firms)

:- Extended DuPont Analysis (Identifying Value Creation)

:- Leverage and Coverage Ratios; Borrowing Need and Capacity Assessment (Credit Analysis)

:- Accounting Profit vs. Cash Flows


Assessing Financial Reporting Quality (Identifying Warning Signals and Red-Flags)

:- Practices to manage Earnings, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet items

:- Checks in P&L, CF and BS to identify potential frauds