Stressed Asset Resolution - Challenges & Opportunities

Day 1

Session 1

Current Stressed Asset Scenario in India

Why Business Fail? Causes & Reasons – Warning Signs

Challenges faced by the Lending Institutions in Stressed Asset Management

Session 2

Does the Monitoring of Credit Portfolio and Individual account help in reducing the Stressed Asset Portfolio?

What are the signs of Stress in respect of Corporate Accounts?

The tools to identify the stress in the Accounts and the resolution thereof.

Session 3 & 4

Stressed Assets/NPA Resolution Tools

Understanding the process of Soft & Hard Recovery

Soft Recovery Tools

Hard Recovery Tools – with and/or without legal intervention

Process/Practical Issues/Challenges

Day 2

Session 1

RBI’s New Prudential Framework for Resolution of Stressed Assets

Key Features, Process & Timelines


Session 2 & 3

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Key Features

Process / Steps involved

Issues & Challenges

Session 4

Compromise Settlements & Sale of Assets to ARCs

-         A Tool for resolution of Stressed Assets

Questions & Answers

Session 3 & 4 includes discussion on DRT, SARFAESI with few cases including issues faced & solutions therefore.

Session 2 &  3 to include few present case settled through IBC process