Supply Chain Financing - post COVID

·        Objective: To aquaint participants how the traditional financing is wading away replaced by cash-flow financing.

To discuss on the post-covid 2019 cash flow issues being faced by the corporates and its management.

To share insights on the Supply-Chain financing eco-system and the Credit Risk Assessment

·        Program Audience: Credit Analysts, SCF Business Heads, SCF Relationship Managers, Finance Managers

Course Content






3 Hours

Supply Chain Management – Concept & Features

Overview of the Financial eco-system – a move away from Traditional financing methods



Cash Flows Management by Corporates – Understanding their Business Model

Is it important for the credit analysts to understand the business model of the corporate?

The discussion will focus on the business model to understand their supply terms and purchase terms.



Supply-Chain eco-system & its importance in the post-covid 2019 business environment

The focus is on the present supply -chain eco-system and the role of the participants in the eco-system.



Distribution of Case Study & Briefing of a FMCG Company or an Auto Dealer


3 Hours

Credit Risk Assessment & Appraisal under SCF – Case Study

(The Case Study details will be handed over on the Day 1 & participants have to prepare for discussion on Day 2)

Participants will prepare a broad assessment of an Auto Dealer Financing



Importance of Credit Monitoring under SCF

Based on MIS Reports, Stock Statements & Bank Statements vis-à-vis Sales / Stocks



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