Our Offerings

Corporate Credit Risk Assessment

Target Audience: Professionals working in Banks/ FIs / NBFC / MFs /Corporates / PSUs / and Business School students desirous of career in Financial sector.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 1 day

Course Objective: To enable learners to understand methods of credit risk assessment and how credit risk should be be managed.

Course Brochure: Corporate Credit Risk Assessment.pdf

Excellence in SME Lending

Target Audience: Credit Analysts and Relationship Managers managing SME Portfolio.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 2 days

Course Objective: Better orientation towards SME credit and credit appraisal and risk rating methodologies for manufacturing, service and trade.

Course Brochure: Excellence in SME Lending.pdf

Mastering Trade Finance

Target Audience: Corporate Executives and Bankers dealing in Imports and Exports.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 2 days

Course Objective: To accustom participants with Trade Finance and its importance in domestic and foreign trade.

Course Brochure: Mastering Trade Finance.pdf

Implications of IFRS and IndAS Standards

Target Audience: Industry CFO, Finance and accounts executives and auditors, practicing CAs, CMAs, Internal auditors, MBA finance & strategy managers, Bank Executives, Company Secretaries, Compliance Managers.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 2 days

Course Objective: To familiarise participants with new accounting standards and introduce them to advantages and new challenges.

Course Brochure: Implications of IFRS and IndAS Standards.pdf

Stressed Asset Resolution in India Challenges & Opportunities

Target Audience: Business Professionals in Banks NBFCs ARCs Stressed Funds, Debt Capital Market & Loan Syndication professionals,CFO & Treasury managers in Corporates etc.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 2 days

Course Objective:

  • Understand the reasons for the current stressed asset scenario in India
  • Learn about the history of RBI prescribed restructuring schemes
  • Understand the features of the new Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code
  • Learn about the new stressed asset framework for Corporates
  • Understand the drivers & objectives behind M&A of stressed assets
  • Learn about the various options for raising financing for funding of stressed asset acquisitions
  • Discuss the likely outlook for the stressed asset business in India

Course Brochure: Stressed Asset Resolution in India Challenges & Opportunities.pdf

Corporate valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions

Target Audience:

  • Programme is apt for the executives at the middle level in their organisation having experience of more than 3 years. However, it will also be useful to young executives having relatively less experience but active in domain of investment banking.
  • Executives in corporate finance divisions of product and services company will benefit from discussion on valuation tools and techniques and process of M&A
  • The programme will offer good opportunity to banking and institutional investors, including private equity investors too who are directly or indirectly engaged in valuation exercise, and M&A process.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 2 days

Course Objective: The programme is aimed at appreciating conceptual framework and the practice in Indian M&A market. It opens various perspectives on valuation and restructuring processes adopted in India market.

Course Brochure: Corporate valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions.pdf

Project Finance

Target Audience: Professionals working with Banks / FIs/ NBFCs / MFs / Corporates who are involved in formulation and analysis of Project Finance proposals. The course will also be beneficial to executives of Corporates/ Infrastructure entities who are associated with setting up/ development of Projects.

Mode of Training/ Duration: 3 days

Course Objective: Enable learners to function as seasoned project finance professionals and be able to formulate project finance proposals efficiently and raise project finance for their firms, clients or appraise the projects as lenders.

Course Brochure: Project Finance.pdf